Executive Director Message



Dear Visitor,

Greetings on behalf of the CALWASS and Thank You for visiting our website.

CALWASS has been committed to collaboration with different organizations, Academic Institutions, Interdisciplinary Professionals, Students, and Members of the Public.  Together we are striving to improve the quality of education through Research, Educational Workshops and Seminars. An addition to it, We are Committed To Developing a Vibrant Research Culture, with particular interest in business and other fields from various perspectives. Please connect with us should you have Similar Research Interests as we offer both Mentorship as well as Interprofessional Expertise.

By joining CALWASS, you have opened up new venues that will offer you a world comprising of new experiences, personal support and academic. Moreover, meaningful connections with others. By joining CALWASS that will support you, encourage you, invoke a challenging skills in you and inspire in way to explore new world with different Research Skills. It is as diverse a community. We are so glad that you will be a part of it.

CALWASS provide the opportunities to build learning environments that support your Academic Success, Personal Growth, and your Unique Connection to the Interdisciplinary Professionals. CALWASS is a place where you will Learn and Meet with an Amazing Group of people and will create a bond with each other that may well last a Lifetime.

Thank You for Joining Us. It’s Going to be an Exciting Experience!

Kind regards,


Prof. Dr. Syed Amjad Agha
Executive Director,

Centre for Academic Learning Writing and Support Services (CALWASS).