Presentation Skills

Presentation skills is the Art whether it’s a few colleagues around a table or 200 strangers at a conference, workshop or classroom. In this seminar we will prepare you for anything and everything that might happen.

Issues Covered

  • Feedback and Individual style
  • The difference between how we think we are doing and how we really are doing
  • Body language
  • The psychology of presenting
  • The myths and rules about what you are and are not allowed to do.
  • How audiences and presenters interact
  • How to make use of that interaction
  • The real reasons for presenting
  • Ways of getting ideas across that are entertaining and stimulating
  • The relationship between nervous energy and expressive capacity
  • A reinforcement of the reasons for presenting
  • Passion – An exercise in the use of passion to communicate
  • Talking up and talking down
  • Turning points – An exercise in using personal material to produce empathy and strong feeling in an audience
  • Putting ideas across in ways that create maximum impact.