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List of Different Style Guides

 Type/Subject Area  Association/Organization  Style Guide
 General  Modern Language Association  MLA Style Manual: 3rd Ed.
 General  American Psychological Association  APA Style Manual: 6th Ed.
 General  University of Chicago Press  Chicago Manual of Style: 16th Ed.
 Physics and Astronomy  American Institute of Physics  AIP Style Manual: 4th Ed.
 Chemistry  American Chemical Society  ACS Style Guide: 3rd Ed.
 Biology  Council of Science Editors  CSE Manual: 7th Ed.
 Mathematics  American Mathematical Society  AMS Handbook
 Engineering  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  2009 IEEE Style Manual
 Medicine  American Medical Association  AMA Manual of Style: 10th Ed.
 Meteorology  American Meteorological Society  AMS Style Manual